carl-anderson Carl A. Anderson, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics; Ph.D. Sensor technology for the study and control of pharmaceutical manufacturing, employing technologies such as acoustic and near-infrared spectroscopy processed by using chemometric techniques.
ira-buckner Ira Shea Buckner, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, Ph.D.  My research is related to the general area of pharmaceutical development. Specifically, we are studying the ways in which pharmaceutical solids respond to mechanical energy during processing.
jelena-janic Jelena M. Janjic, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, Ph.D. Design, synthesis, formulation and biological testing of multifunctional nanoreagents with focus on molecular imaging and drug delivery. Fluorine chemistry applied to design and synthesis of nanoparticles. Rational design of drug delivery vehicles for DNA, RNA, and small molecules in cancer and inflammation disease models. Studying inflammation and breast cancer using modern imaging techniques in vitro and in vivo. Studying effects of cancer therapeutics on the immune system.
Devika S Manickam Devika S Manickam, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, Ph.D. Dr. Manickam's primary research interests include non-viral delivery vectors for biomacromolecules (nucleic acids and proteins) and pharmacological responses of blood-brain barrier to polymeric carriers.
wilson-meng Wilson S. Meng, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics (Pharmacology-Toxicology and Pharmaceuties); Ph.D. Structure-base design of tumor reactive T-cell epitopes and development of particle-based DNA delivery systems.
peter-wildfong Peter Wildfong, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics; Ph.D.  Pharmaceutical materials science, with current research projects exploring how specific physiochemical and structural properties of pharmaceutically relevant materials impact large-scale manufacturing and final dosage from performance; emphasis on mechanically activated solid state phase transformation of APIs and excipients; investigating the potential of high-shear induction of polymorphism and amorphization.