2014 School of Pharmacy Awards

Creative Teaching Awards

Dr. Janet Astle
Dr. Lauren O'Donnell
Dr. Christine O'Neil
Dr. Michael Perry

Outstanding Business Practice Model (APhA Conference in Orlando, Florida)

Dr. Suzanne Higginbotham
Dr. Monica Skomo
Dr. Robert Laux

TOPS Awards

Class of 2017: Dr. Marc Harrold
Class of 2016: Dr. Lauren O'Donnell
Class of 2015: Dr. Karen Fancher
Weekend Class of 2017: Dr. Ric Boni
Weekend Class of 2016: Dr. Marc Harrold
Weekend Class of 2015: Dr. Karen Fancher

Teacher of the Year Awards- ODK

Dr. Riccardo Boni
Dr. Lauren O'Donnell

Promotion to Associate Professor

Dr. Ira Buckner

Academic Affairs Award

Dr. Bruce Livengood
Dr. Janet Astle

School of Pharmacy Staff Award

Roberta Diller

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