Ask A Student Diplomat: The Importance Of Joining Student Organizations

Question: What are some of the pros and cons of joining student organizations inside and outside of the School of Pharmacy?

Erin Hayden: Student organizations. This is often a buzzword thrown around when high school seniors start applying for college. But what does it really mean? Merriam-Webster defines the word organization as, "the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order" or "a company, business, or club that is formed for a particular purpose."

The Mylan School of Pharmacy has a strong student organization presence. From my own experience, I can personally say student organizations are what enhance your growth as a professional and as a person.


There are not unreasonable expectations: They know you're a student and don't expect hours of commitment from you. School always comes first.

You'll meet some of your best friends: By meeting outside of class time, this gives you the opportunity to talk to people you may have never had a chance to connect with.

Professionals in the area want to come and meet YOU: Joining student organizations means national memberships. Many professionals in the Pittsburgh area may have been part of the organization you join when they were in school. They will often request to come and speak with students in our correlating organizations.

Your network will expand across Duquesne and beyond: Duquesne pharmacy alumni expand across the nation. Pharmacy is a small world. The next person you meet could be your next boss.

Mentors: This is possibly the most important one. While developing as a professional, you will need to call on mentors to help you, whether it's looking for an internship or a job when you graduate.


The dues: But as always, these organizations are geared toward students, so the dues are more than affordable. Most dues are around $15 or less for an annual membership.

As Duquesne students, we strive to nurture our professional development through student organizations. There's something out there for everyone

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