Ask A Student Diplomat: Out-Of-State Pharmacy Student

Kathryn KerrQuestion: What is it like being an out-of-state student at the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy?

Jack Grieb: I am from a small city in upstate New York called Rochester. If you ever get the chance to visit upstate New York, I highly recommend you do. From Niagara Falls to the Adirondacks, upstate has something for everybody. But enough about New York, I choose to attend Duquesne University for a multitude of reasons. First, I wanted to get away from where I grew up and experience what it is like to live in a major metropolitan area. Duquesne offered me the ability to study on a traditional-feeling college campus while having the benefits of a city literally within footsteps from the school. In addition, Duquesne's School of Pharmacy has a rich and deeply rooted history of excellence and advancement that rivals that of other pharmacy schools.

I will be honest with you and say when I first arrived at Duquesne my freshman year, I was a little nervous about being a long way away from home. The first few days I was on campus, I had those typical freshman second thought feelings about my choice in school. In fact at one point I even considered leaving to go home. As you can probably tell I choose to stick it out and let me tell you, it was the best decision of my life! My word of advice for those who are from out-of-state or live a good distance away from Duquesne is to get involved. It was through joining organizations and going to many of the numerous Duquesne-sponsored events that I met some of my best friends and found out what I truly am passionate about. My challenge for you, if decide to come to Duquesne, is to join a club or organization that is outside of your comfort zone. Hey you never know if that new club or activity is right for you until you experience it.

The other challenge I found from being out-of-state was working in a pharmacy. Currently I work at two different supermarket pharmacies. When I am back at home in New York, I work at Wegmans Pharmacy and have been there for four and a half years. While at school I work for Giant Eagle Pharmacy and have been there for two and a half years. Part of the curriculum for the Pharm.D. program is learning Pennsylvania pharmacy law. I quickly realized that Pennsylvania and New York have different state pharmacy regulations, so I'm learning two sets of laws. Both states have some similar laws, but the small differences are the ones that can trip up even the most well-versed pharmacist. Over time I have gradually started to learn to separate the two different state laws into different compartments in my head. When I am in New York I practice the skills I have learned while at pharmacy school but wear my "New York law hat" and vice versa when I am here in Pittsburgh during the school year. Duquesne has more than prepared me with for any challenge that I may encounter as I continue on in the professional development of my pharmacy career both here in Pennsylvania and out-of-state.

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