Graduate Student Kandarp Dave Wins A 2020 AAPS Best Abstract Award

Kandarp DaveKandarp Dave, a graduate student studying pharmaceutics in the Devika S Manickam lab of Biotherapeutics delivery in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has won a 2020 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Best Abstract Award for a paper titled DNA Polyplexes of a Phosphorylcholine-based Zwitterionic Polymer for Gene Delivery. Additionally, the paper will be published in an upcoming edition of Pharmaceutical Research.

"My research focuses on the development and delivery of nanoparticles containing nucleic acids drugs such as plasmid DNA or short RNA for the treatment of central nervous system disorders, Dave said. "One such example of a CNS disease is glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal malignancy that results in fatalities within 15 months despite standard treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and concurrent chemotherapy. The lack of effective treatments and their associated side effects led us to develop interferon-beta 1 DNA nanoparticles based on a novel phosphorylcholine-based polymer for glioblastoma therapy in collaboration with Professor Craig Duvall at Vanderbilt University. We demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of these nanoparticles that should serve to guide the future exploration of these systems for glioblastoma therapy."

Dave says the recognition of his work as one of the best abstracts by a committee of experts for the internationally-acclaimed American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2020 PharmSci 360–to be held Oct. 26 through Nov. 5, 2020–motivates him to continue exploring the therapeutic potential of nanomedicines for intractable disorders.

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