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Not Your PI's Western Blot)

LI-COR's latest version of its infrared imaging system, the Odyssey CLx, has a dynamic range of more than six-log, compared to more than four-log for its previous version. This increased range eliminates saturation when interpreting Western blots, providing a wider linear range over which to quantitate data.

"Not only will researchers not get saturation on their blots, but they can put multiple blots onto the imager and never have to worry about adjusting the blots to different settings," explains Jeff Harford, senior product marketing manager at the Lincoln, Nebraska company.

Rehana Leak is an assistant professor at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh who uses the LI-COR's Odyssey CLx in her research on how cells adapt to low levels of stress. "The advantage of the Odyssey [imager] is the 16-bit imager and use of two infrared wavelengths, 700 and 800 nm, to visualize two stains at once," Leak says. "This means that the phosphorylated and total forms of proteins can be detected simultaneously, for example." Two protein isoforms can be difficult to distinguish simultaneously by other methods because their masses are so similar.

Leak points out that the Odyssey imager can visualize 216 shades of infrared signal, compared with the 150 shades of gray visualized on X-ray film. "You're going from 150 to over 65,000 shades of infrared, so you have much higher resolution with this method," she adds. "It's unusually quantitative."


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