Student Corner: Jacey Schott

Jacey SchottThis was the first year that Dr. Paula Witt-Enderby offered an APPE rotation through Duquesne University, and I was fortunate to be her first student. Working together, Dr. Witt-Enderby and I, through our time together during a one-year independent study assessing how herbals are being studied in clinical trials, identified a need for this type of learning experience to offer pharmacy students. We wanted to provide an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Ayurveda and holistic approaches to manage disease using evidence-based research. The ultimate goal is to create awareness for pharmacists and the field of pharmacy on the use of herbals to prevent disease and improve quality of life. This was the first holistic rotation offered through Duquesne, and I was blessed to be the first student to experience it–hopefully the first of many.

Throughout my five-week rotation, I participated in mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation, and breathing practices to learn about natural methods to manage my stress levels while I completed herbal product market research to gauge the most common products and the current herbal trends. I worked on these supplemental activities while working towards the main project of pharmacist and student survey and IRB development. We collaborated on two IRB approved surveys to distribute to pharmacists and pharmacy students on herbal and natural products. The goal of these studies is to understand students' and pharmacists' perceptions regarding herbal/natural product education, knowledge gaps, attitudes towards herbal/natural products, and preparedness for counseling on herbal and natural products.

We are looking for the truth: how much do pharmacists and students know about herbal and natural supplements and how much should they know to keep their patients safe?

If you are interested in being part of our survey you can find them here:

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