Exploring Managed Care Pharmacy In A Remote Format

QuartureShani Quarture, Pharm.D.'21 (Candidate)

During the month of August, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful pharmacists at Gateway Health. This elective rotation was managed care-focused with an emphasis on Medicare as well as Delaware and Pennsylvania Medicaid. I had the pleasure of working with several teams at Gateway including Utilization Management, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Policy Review, and Integrated Opioid Care Pods.

My preceptor throughout this experience was Michelle Gross. Michelle is the Utilization
Management Department's Manager. She was a crucial part in making this experience so rewarding for me. Right from the get-go, Michelle welcomed me with open arms, and I felt instantly comfortable, even despite the fact that my rotation was remote due to COVID. Throughout my experience, Michelle constantly made sure she was checking in with me via Skype For Business to ensure I was progressing in my learning and to answer any questions I may have had. She was always highly personable and considerate and was overall a pleasure to work with.

One of the main reasons I selected Gateway as one of my elective rotations is because I have an interest in managed care as a potential career path as a pharmacist. On my first day, I told Michelle that managed care was one of my interests, and she made sure to go the extra mile so that I could learn as much as possible in my short amount of time with Gateway. Since everyone was working from home, Michelle worked hard to ensure I still had the opportunity to meet and work with several other pharmacists at Gateway. She organized various meet-and-greets between myself and a number of other pharmacists so that I could learn more about each of their unique roles and expand my network. In addition, Michelle also worked in collaboration with some of the other pharmacists to provide me with a variety of constructive assignments to help facilitate my education and experience with managed care. She made sure that each assignment I was given served a purpose to both me and the department I was presenting it to rather than simply assigning me "busy work."

One of my larger projects was to create a presentation on Medicare's ESRD Prospective Payment Bundle and present it to the Utilization Management pharmacists. This is a highly confusing topic which required a lot of research on my part, but many of the pharmacists messaged me afterwards and provided me with positive feedback on how helpful my presentation was and that it cleared up a lot of confusion that many of them had about the billing aspect of it. It was truly a rewarding experience for me because I was able to learn and also share my findings with others. Prior to my presentation, Michelle met with me so that I could do a practice run through my presentation to make sure I felt comfortable presenting to the team and that my powerpoint was error-free. This was just one example of how Michelle constantly took the initiative to provide myself and others with opportunities to learn.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my experience with Gateway. My preceptor, Michelle was
instrumental in providing me with a high-quality, unique learning experience, despite my rotation being from home. I greatly appreciate her efforts and the friendliness she showed me throughout the five weeks I was with Gateway. Because of Michelle, I was able to expand on my knowledge of managed care pharmacy and explore a potential career path I may take in the near future. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Michelle and all of the pharmacists at Gateway for such a wonderful, rewarding experience and for the valuable opportunity to explore managed care.

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