What can I do with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree through the Online Program?
Our Online graduates our eligible for the same positions as any student graduating with a Pharm.D. in a traditional program. Online Program graduates start at an average salary of $112,000 per year.

Can I apply through Pharm CAS?
No. The school does not participate in Pharm CAS.

Can I apply for entry to a specific Semester?
No–we start a new class once a year. The program begins each year in August. The class functions as a cohort, going year-round for four years.

Do you waive prerequisites, or give credit for life experience or CLEP?

Do you accept courses from Community Colleges for the prerequisites?

Do you accept degrees and credits earned at online colleges?
Online courses/programs offered through regionally accredited college/universities are acceptable under the same grade guidelines as on-campus courses. Check with the School of Pharmacy to see if a particular college is appropriately accredited for such courses. Please note that some online colleges and other technical schools do not have regional accreditation, and therefore their credits do not transfer to Duquesne University.

Does the program require a PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) for admission?
Yes. Go to this link for more information, http://www.PCATweb.info.

Will you accept the GRE, GMAT, MCAT or other graduate school exams in lieu of the PCAT?
No – the PCAT is required.

Is there a study guide for the PCAT?
We are aware of one published by Barron’s, but there may be others. The PCAT website offers practice exams and other relevant information in helping you prepare for the test. http://www.PCATweb.info.

What is the minimum PCAT score you will accept?
Your composite score (not the percentage) should be at least a 375. To be competitive for our program, your composite score should be closer to a 400 or better.

What is the minimum GPA you will accept?
The minimum to apply is a 2.5 GPA. To be competitive, applicants should have a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Do you look at grades?
Yes, very closely, and grades below a “C” grade are not accepted. If you have earned below a “C” grade in a prerequisite, you must repeat that course at a grade of “C” or better.

How can I make myself as competitive as possible?
We look for students who appear to have the best chance of completing the program, and have a strong aptitude for Science and Math. Applicants should have excellent grades and as many prerequisites completed as possible. Students with multiple “D”, “F” and/or “W” grades will not be competitive.

Can I come in and have someone evaluate my transcript?
We prefer for students to perform their own transcript evaluation initially. We limit formal transcript evaluations done by our staff to those who have applied for admission.

Am I eligible to apply, even if I have not yet completed all of my prerequisite courses?
Yes. Most applicants have a few courses to complete when they apply. All courses must be successfully completed by the time the program begins in May (successfully completed is defined as earning a “C” grade or better.) Acceptance to the program would be contingent upon completing those courses.

What about applicants from other countries?
We accept applications from international students who have earned Baccalaureate degrees in the United States only. Those students MUST also meet all prerequisite requirements.

Is a personal interview required for admission?
Yes. Selected applicants will be invited to the campus for a personal interview. Those take place in the Spring semester, generally February to April.

What if I apply and am not accepted?
Due to the limited number of seats in the program, and a highly talented applicant pool, many students will not be offered admission. If you were denied admission, you may apply the following year by asking us to reactivate your application. Our Committee on Admission will consider your application the following year if you have had significant changes in your academic profile since the last time you were considered. Most often, students choose to pursue a Masters degree in Chemistry or Biology, demonstrating sustained academic performance in a rigorous curriculum, and then reapply.

If I am not accepted, can I find out why?
Details of the application/admission process are confidential. We consider all elements of the application, including academic performance (grades), the PCAT score, and your interview.

What does the Online Doctor of Pharmacy program cost?
Online Doctor of Pharmacy students pay the same per-credit rate of tuition that the Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy students pay: Tuition Rates