Differentiate Your Pharm.D. Experience

Earn A Dual Pharm.D./MBA Degree

Advance your Pharmacy career with a dual Pharm.D./MBA degree from Duquesne University.

This Dual Degree provides additional skills that fulfill the expectations of leadership and health care management positions.

The objectives of this dual doctor of pharmacy (PharmD)/master of business administration (MBA) degree include the development of the business background and skills necessary to enter leadership positions within health sciences management. These skills include business knowledge in the areas of operations management and finance as well as the development of managerial skills and abilities necessary to function in a changing health care environment. The goals of a PharmD/MBA are professional development in the areas of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Pharm.D./MBA degree can be completed concurrently and only extends one semester after completion of Pharm.D. degree through credit-sharing.

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