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Hometown Pharmacy

Community Practice Pharmacy Residency

The goal of this one year, post-Pharm.D. residency program is to embrace and maximize the evolving role of pharmacists in achievement of improved patient outcomes.

Rotating through both Hometown Pharmacy and ACORx provides the resident an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of and skills in both independent retail and closed-door specialty pharmacy settings. In addition to the opportunities Hometown Pharmacy will provide, a collaborative relationship with Duquesne University permits further advanced clinical practice.

Hometown Pharmacy is a traditional, yet progressive, retail pharmacy operating two locations in Pittsburgh. The resident will gain in-depth knowledge of independent pharmacy operations. Managerial responsibilities will include supervision of Hometown Pharmacy staff and support of Duquesne University pharmacy interns. Resident will gain a thorough understanding of drug inventory management and third-party payer systems. Additionally the resident will be active in community outreach wellness programs, immunization clinics and health screenings. Clinical practices include customary medication dispensing and counseling, medication therapy management through Mirixa and Outcomes platforms, and medication synchronization. Hometown Pharmacy is also a member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network whose mission is "to be a premier professional network of pharmacists collaborating to optimize appropriate medication use to promote positive patient health outcomes."

ACORx is a newly designed, closed-door retail model pharmacy dedicated to multi-medication adherence packaging. This advanced model was designed to complement Accountable Care Organizations and the shared goal of providing high quality coordinated care. Resident will exhibit clinical expertise through medication therapy management and ongoing medication reconciliation on a scheduled basis as well as during transitions of care. ACORx provides pharmacy services to support patients managing a wide array of chronic and often complicated conditions. Resident will contribute to and assist in the expansion of clinical services, collaboration with other healthcare professionals and overall advancement of the pharmacist's role in improving patient outcomes.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy degree
  • Pharmacist licensure in the state of Pennsylvania and licensure for Authorization to Administer Injectables in the state of Pennsylvania by September 30


The resident's salary is competitive (approximately $35,000 per year). Benefits include: healthcare coverage, paid holidays, and travel stipend.


Interested applicants should provide a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and three letters of reference. Applications should be submitted through the PhorCAS System: https://portal.phorcas.org/


Sarah Hoover, Pharm.D., CGP
Hometown Pharmacy
2103 Noblestown Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Pharmacy: 412.921.7731
Fax: 412.921.5648