Academic Partners Program

The Academic Partners Program, an integrated team of clinicians with diverse backgrounds of expertise in every facet of pharmacy practice, is dedicated to the improvement of health outcomes through provision of education, the advancement of research, and a commitment to social responsibility. A passion for education insures continued improvement in patient care through enhanced experiential learning to train future pharmacists to continue the tradition of pharmacy practice excellence.

Creating and strengthening relationships with the community is vital to advancing the teaching, research, and service activities of the School. The Academic Partners Program connects School resources, including practice-based faculty, with institutional and community-based pharmacy practice partners.

Since its beginning, the School has formally partnered with regional acute care-based pharmacy, ambulatory and community-based practices to collaboratively augment pharmacy practice throughout the region.

The Academic Partners Program includes

  • Relationships with community and hospital pharmacies that facilitate the advancement of pharmacy care through medication therapy management, staff development programs, performance indicator systems, state licensing preparation, pharmacist recruitment strategies, drug information and patient education, health and economic research, and software and related technology for medication therapy management and medication safety management.
  • Wellness and disease prevention/management programs.
  • A network of pharmacy care in which patients transition between different levels of care and health providers.
  • Faculty development that includes scholarship/practice opportunities that enhance health outcomes in clinical research; recruitment that encourages qualified individuals to teach in the School of Pharmacy; and residencies/fellowships that enhance teaching outcomes and foster mutually beneficial collaborative research that will improve regional health outcomes.
  • Student pharmacist learning opportunities that include clinical pharmacy clerkships and partner participation in the development of student pharmacist competency testing methods and materials.
  • Partner and faculty publications and presentations of research and process development outcomes.
  • Collaboratively augment pharmacy practice at each partner’s site.

Beginning on September 2007, Duquesne University School of Pharmacy commenced on a program to integrate its Pharmacy Services Program of Disease Prevention and Disease Management to enhance health outcomes in the region with a new vision titled, the “Academic Partners Program.”

The mission of the School’s Academic Partners Program is to connect the resources of the School including practice-based faculty to its institution and community-based pharmacy practice partners so as to improve the partners, patient and organizational outcomes, and in turn the pharmacy profession. This provides the School with the platform to continue to enhance the School’s teaching, research and service outcomes.

Academic Partners