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Our Home for Active Learning and Educational Technology

We are proud of our facilities that are dedicated to active learning and educational technology on the second floor of the Bayer Learning Center. Educators now recognize the critical added value of active learning—an approach through which students become full partners and accountable for their education. Rather than simply absorbing information, students are challenged to participate through analysis and synthesis, apply the information learned in classes and labs, experience outside learning, reflect, and demonstrate competency.

Active learning is especially important in pharmacy education. Pharmacists are expected to promote wellness and provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Technology is evolving rapidly. Students must develop critical thinking and teamwork skills—well before they begin their first experiences in pharmacy. Our technology-enhanced facilities offer student pharmacists the ability to develop those attitudes and skills by providing them with the tools and environment to understand and practice these skills.

A few spaces within the complex remain available for naming. To learn more, contact Jim Miller.