Center for Global Engagement: Opening Doors to New Places.

Study Abroad for Rangos School Students

Future Health Professionals in the Rangos School of Health Sciences will gain invaluable cultural awareness and perspective through expanding their knowledge beyond the typical classroom and learning abroad.

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

The Center for Global Engagement works closely with the Rangos School of Health Sciences to integrate global opportunities for a semester abroad while keeping your academics on track.

Spend a Semester in Rome!

Duquesne in Rome offers the experience of living abroad while completing your university requirements. Immerse yourself in the Italian Culture with on-site classes that bring learning to life! Most majors in the Rangos School typically plan to go abroad the second semester, sophomore year. Duquesne in Rome enriches your academic experience as it is seen through a global lens.

Space is limited, apply early, and work with your academic advisor to review Duquesne in Rome courses.

Spend a Semester in Dublin!

While attending Duquesne in Dublin, Rangos Students take courses at the University College Dublin alongside classmates from around the world. Ideal for the second semester of your sophomore year, with careful planning, students can fulfill university requirements at any time during their academic career while calling the Emerald Isle home. In addition to university requirements, past Health Science Students have taken health-related courses, including Healthcare Ethics while at UCD.

With only 20 spaces available, apply early and hold your spot today.  

Duq Approved Programs

Looking for programs beyond Italy and Ireland? Duq Approved Semester-Long Programs offer students the opportunity to study around the world! Working closely with university partners in over 20 different locations worldwide, these immersive experiences meet university requirements through pre-approved courses. Schedule a study abroad advising meeting via Starfish and internationalize your degree!

Short-term Study Abroad Opportunities

Short-term Study Abroad Programs integrate students through shorter customized programs abroad that offer cultural experiences, while enriching major and university curricular requirements.

  • Spring Break Aways

Each spring semester, specifically designed courses are offered taking students of all majors abroad for an international study tour during spring break. Fulfilling university requirements, Spring Break Away courses are taken during the spring semester and are the earliest opportunity for you to study abroad. 

  • Maymesters 

Study Abroad for 4-weeks in a variety of distenations earning 6 credits.  Maymesters are popular summer options for Health Science Students looking to fulfill university requirements and get ahead while traveling over the beautiful summer months.

  • Summer Abroad

A growing number of Summer Study Abroad Programs take students on engaging and immersive opportunities ranging from 1 week to 8 weeks abroad. Led by Duquesne Faculty and/or partnered with universities abroad, Summer Programs are intensive global experiences that are designed to fit within university and Health Science requirements.  Examples of past Health Science focused programs have explored Australia and China.  Get ahead and study abroad this summer!