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Study Liberal Arts Abroad

"Travel encourages us to step outside ourselves into rich arenas of history, art, and the imagination. Meaningful encounter with other cultures enables our capacity to creatively and confidently engage the world. Experience a country's food, art, life, and land, while studying new surroundings, wandering new spaces, and meeting new people. Open your mind and heart to pursue values central to the liberal arts that enhance compassion and knowledge through exploring different cultures and coming to know yourself as a citizen of the world."
Dr. Linda Kinnahan, Professor and Hillman Endowed Chair, McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Department of English
As a liberal arts student, we know you are interested in the world! Liberal arts students have the most flexibility and options when it comes to studying abroad. You will gain global perspectives in an increasingly diverse and international workplace, fulfill major, minor and university requirements abroad, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Semester Abroad Program Opportunities

Spend your semester abroad and experience another culture while working toward your degree through semester-long programs:

Spend a Semester in Rome

The Duquesne in Rome program offers courses designed for your sophomore semester. Spend a semester in Rome, Italy while fulfilling liberal arts and university-required courses through a global lens. The Duquesne in Rome program is celebrating 20 years of transformational learning and exploration in the Eternal City in 2021. 

Visit the course listings for more information and to apply. Space is limited!

Spend a Semester in Dublin

The Duquesne in Dublin program permits unlimited opportunities for liberal arts students through courses offered at the University College Dublin. This makes the Duquesne in Dublin program an opportunity that fits well during the sophomore, junior or senior year! Sitting alongside students from around the world, engaging in coursework that meet liberal arts and university requirements, offers an immersive experience abroad.

View the programs and courses for more information and to apply.  Space is limited!

Duq Approved Programs

Every year liberal arts students take advantage of Approved Study Abroad Programs throughout the world. Duquesne works with partners and exchanges in over 20 different universities and locations worldwide. Looking for an immersive experience that meets liberal arts and university requirements? Schedule a meeting to map out your global experience beyond Duquesne while staying on track academically.

Have a study abroad destination in mind? Discover the possibilities!

Short-term Study Abroad Programs Opportunities

Are you looking for a shorter study abroad experience (not semester-long)? There are various short-term abroad programs offered during the year, including:

Spend your spring break traveling as a part of your course! About one week long, Spring Break Aways allow you to fit in a study abroad experience during the academic semester, while still maintaining your regular semester schedule!

There are various short-term summer programs available, ranging from 2-6 weeks! Led by Duquesne Faculty and/or partnered with Universities abroad, Summer Programs take students on intensive global experiences that fulfill academic requirements.

Maymesters are special 4-week, 6-credit summer programs offered from May-June all over the world! This may be the perfect fit for you during the early summer, and liberal arts students have many options.

Internships Abroad

  • Internships Available While Studying in Rome 

While studying at the Duquesne in Rome program, select liberal arts students can complete an internship for 2 credits with the U.S. government at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. For more information contact us. 

  • Internships Available While Studying in Dublin

Spend summer in Dublin! Various internship opportunities are available through University College Dublin, Duquesne's partner university.  If interested, contact us for more information.

  • Other Internship Opportunities

As liberal arts students, there are many opportunities to have an international internship experience! Contact us for information about the type of internship you are looking for and/or the destination you have in mind!