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Study Nursing Abroad

"The study abroad experience affords nursing students the opportunity to explore who they are culturally and thus aid in their understanding of those who may be culturally different. That includes examining beliefs, values and shared understanding, and patterns of behavior of different groups of people. Ultimately the goal is to have them deliver culturally competent care across health systems including individuals, families and communities receiving care." 

-Susan J. Williams, RN, MSN, CHSE, Instructor, Duquesne University School of Nursing

As a nursing student, opportunities to incorporate a global experience into your nursing education exist at both the undergraduate and graduate levels! Gain the skills, knowledge and clinical experience needed to deliver the best patient care possible while learning how to recognize and appreciate cultural differences in health care values, beliefs and customs. You will gain global perspectives in an increasingly diverse and international workplace, can fulfill major, minor and university requirements abroad, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Program Opportunities

Spend your semester abroad and experience another culture while working toward your degree through semester-long programs:

Duquesne in Rome

Duquesne's Italian Campus offers courses designed for your university core requirements. Ideal for your sophomore semester, these couses will enrich your academics while fullfilling and university required courses through a global lens. It is also possibile for you to take online courses from the School of Nursing while in Rome! Talk to your advisor about how to devise the most effective and efficient academic plan.

Visit here for more information and to apply. Space is limited!

Maymester Nursing in Rome

The Maymester Nursing in Rome program was developed specifically for Duquesne School of Nursing students to be able to stay on track academically and partake in a month-long, culturally rich summer abroad experience in Italy!

Which two courses are a part of the Maymester Nursing Rome program?

1) An on-site art history course! (Satisfies Bridges: Communication & Creative Expression and Social & Historial Reasoning)

Study 17th century art in Rome: Bernini, Borromini, Caravaggio and others. Classes will be held on-site in St. Peter's Basilica, the Borghese Gallery and in the many beautiful piazzas and churches of Rome.

2) UPNS 324 Cultural Applications in Clinical Practice (Required of all Nursing students. Prereq: clinical rotation experience)

Healthcare professionals must deliver culturally competent and sensitive healthcare, and our presence in Rome will facilitate our exploration of cultural issues.

*Registration and application submission for Maymester Nursing Rome 2022 will open on May 1, 2021.*

Duquesne in Dublin

Study at a Duquesne campus abroad, but take classes at the University College Dublin! Coursework offered at the University College Dublin's School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems makes the Duquesne in Dublin program an opportunitiy that fits well at anytime for a Duquesne Nursing student. Sit along side students from around the world and engage in dynamic, interdisciplinary nursing studies that are internationally unique in cutting-edge health systems programs of research and education. UCD is nationally reknowned in the scale of its global engagement, its extensive network of health service partnerships and the number of faculty holding joint appointments.

Courses can be found here. Spots are limited, so apply today!

Duq Approved Programs

Every year Nursing students take advantage of Approved Study Abroad Programs throughout the world. Duquesne works with partners and exchanges in over 20 different unviersities and locational worldwide. Looking for an imersive expereince that meets Nursing and university requirements? Schedule a meeting with Danielle Genemore to map out your global experience beyond Duquesne while staying on track academically.

Have a study abroad destination in mind? Discover the possibilities!