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Join Duquesne Alumni and Friends and experience wide and wonderful travel opportunities in 2022/2023!!

2022/2023 Programs:

Alaska's Glaciers and the Inside Passage (July 14 - 21 2022)

Tracy Arms Fjord

Join this one-of-a-kind, exploration-style cruise through the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Juneau during the long days of summer aboard the exclusively chartered, Five-Star, small ship Le Soléal. Navigate isolated inlets and coves inaccessible to larger vessels for superior views of Alaska's spectacular scenery.During naturalist-led Zodiac excursions and from the comfort of your own spacious, ocean-view accommodations, see Arctic blue glaciers, untouched coastlines and abundant wildlife. Experience the unspoiled Inian Island and dramatic Tracy Arm Fjord. Call at historic Sitka, Petersburg and Ketchikan, where you will step back into the gold rush era. Registration and Informational Flyer 2022.

Focus Florence, An Experience for the Savvy Traveler (October 10-19 2022)


The city of Florence is known for many things: fine foods and wines, its beauty and charm, its impressive leatherwork and pottery, and, of course, its art. But Florence is also the birthplace of the Renaissance, the intellectual movement that launched the Modern Age of humanistic and scientific thought.

This journey is about reimagining and visiting the Florence of the 15th century when Florence is one of the largest and wealthiest cities in late medieval Europe. A growing class of wealthy entrepreneurs invent banking to support their expanding commercial activities, and they fuel and finance the emergence of this historical era we now know as the Renaissance. They commission artists to build them lavish homes and to decorate the city's civic and religious buildings with revolutionary art, art that is expected to assert the Florentine concept of their city as the intellectual and cultural capital of the West.

We can get a wonderful sense of Florence in this era still visible in the artworks of just a few of the great geniuses who led this intellectual and artistic revolution. Three contemporaries, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio, led the way in architecture, sculpture, and painting, respectively. And Florence is absolutely filled with their works. From Brunelleschi's iconic dome identifying the city to the works of Donatello and Masaccio, preserved in situ or in some of the city's museums, we can get to know these three artists, and through them, the revolution in western thought and art that brings us all back to Florence again and again. Our FOCUS on them will uncover a Florence experienced by few.

Our savvy travelers can share Zoom sessions in advance of the travel when we'll learn more about what we will track down and see while we are in Florence. And we won't just track down art, we'll also enjoy beautiful and leisurely meals in special restaurants, shopping in the boutiques, and just wandering the charming streets.

Join us for a special week of travel preceded by a non-credit mini-course (No papers! No tests! No grades!) of the early Renaissance art of Brunelleschi, Donatello and Masaccio. And we won't forget Florence's favorite son, Michelangelo, who stands directly on the shoulders of these three early Renaissance artists. Check out our exciting day-by-day itinerary  and sign up today, Registration Form for Focus Florence

Adventure Galapagos and the Mysteries of Machu Picchu (November 19- December 4, 2022)


Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! This compelling itinerary explores two "must-see" destinations, Machu Picchu and the Galápagos Islands, from a fresh perspective. Begin your 16-day adventure exploring the highlights of Peru, including the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman, the salt mines of Maras, the colonial buildings of Cusco and Lima, and of course, Machu Picchu. Continue your journey with a 7-night land expedition through three of the Galápagos Islands: San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, and Isabela, with a focus on the heritage, sustainability and conservation unique to this region. For more information visit our registration and information page.

For more information and questions, contact:

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