Peer Advisors

Italian Campus Peer Advisors

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Tara Atkins

Tara Atkins 
Senior, Accounting/ISM 
Studied Abroad Fall 2013

"From the people I've met, to the culture I've absorbed, to the person I've become, studying abroad changed my life more than I ever expected something could. It has continued to mold my thoughts, actions and values and I am forever grateful."

Chris Pujol

Christopher Pujol
Senior, International Relations 
Studied Abroad Fall 2013

"Being able to explore thousands of years of history all around the city. As well as being immersed in a rich culture that never disappoints; especially when it comes to food!"

Duquesne in Dublin Peer Advisor

Evan study abroad

Evan Good
Senior, Environmental Science/Philosophy
Studied Abroad Spring 2014

One of my many favorite memories: a rainy day in Wicklow Mountians National Park, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.