How To Apply

Eligibility to Study Abroad:

  • You must be at least a second semester freshman to apply.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for all non-Duquesne Approved Study Abroad Programs regardless of the program's requirement.
  • You must have no serious disciplinary or academic actions pending. All accepted applicants will be reviewed by the Student Life Office for their disciplinary clearance.

Application Deadlines For All Semester Long Programs:

  • Fall--March 1st 
  • Spring--October 1st

If either of the deadlines fall on a weekend, submit your materials the Friday before the deadline.

Online Application Process:

  1. Apply online via our Online Application
  2. Submit all of the required documents by the posted deadline to your online application 
    Required Documents:
       * Two recommendations: one from your academic advisor and one from a faculty member
       * Official Transcript: can be requested thought your DORI account or from the registrar 
       * Course Approval Form: must meet with your academic advisor to fill it out
       * Essay: two page essay addressing 1) Why you want to study abroad 2) Why you chose the country and program
          and 3) What courses you plan to take abroad and how this experience compliments your academic and
          professional goals.
  3. Schedule a meeting wtih your academic advisor to complete your Study Abroad Course Approval Form

Application Process for Semester-long Approved Study Abroad Programs:

  1. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your options. The advisor will assist you in finding a program that best suits you academically and personally. The earlier you plan, the easier it is to accommodate a semester abroad in your academic career. It is often helpful to know what classes you are thinking of taking abroad or the destination where you would like to study. 
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor. Once you have decided on a program, meet with your academic advisor to obtain course approvals for the classes you plan to take abroad. You want to be sure that the courses abroad will fulfill your major, minor, elective, and/or college core requirements. 
  3. Apply ONLINE to the Center for Global Engagement. Submit your Duquesne University online application and supporting documents (see below) by the published deadlines. The International Programs Study Abroad Admissions Committee, which consists of Duquesne University faculty and staff, will review your application for approval to study abroad by the university. You must be approved by the committee to study abroad in order to receive credit for your semester abroad.
  4. Apply to your program. Once you have received approval by Duquesne University to study abroad, apply directly to your selected program. Pay special attention to outside program deadlines as they may be earlier then Duquesne's deadlines. The Study Abroad Advisor can assist you with this process.

Duquesne in Dublin Application Process:

For those students applying to the Duquesne in Dublin Program, two applications must be submitted along wtih:

  1. Duquesne Study Abroad Applicartion following the above steps
  2. University College Dublin Application
    -- Proof of an online application must be submitted 
    -- Copy of passport or birth certificate 

Application Process for Maymester and Spring Break Away courses:

Follow the Online Application Process above or check the Maymester and Spring Break Away sites for specifics. 

Application Process for Summer Study Abroad:

Please stop in the Office of International Programs for advising on summer and how to apply. 

Summer internships for Dublin and Summer Nursing Research in Ireland should follow the online application and Duquesne in Dublin Application process.