Dublin Castle

City of Dublin

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, dates its origins to 841 AD with the Vikings as its first settlers. Dublin's history was tumultuous, growing from a small walled medieval town into a wealthy city within the British Empire.  Ireland gained independence in 1922 and Dublin experienced some of the most severe fighting during the Irish Rebellion which established the Irish Free States.

Today, Dublin's illustrious cultural and educational past provides a backdrop to the now modern city. With numerous theatres, shops, museums, universities and sports, there is always something to learn, experience, and explore.

St. Michael's House is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Ballsbridge. This neighborhood, only minutes away from the city center of Dublin, has historically been home to the majority of Dublin's foreign embassies and diplomats. St. Michael's House is well-connected to Dublin's public transportation system with a bus stop right around the corner and the Dart Train only a few minutes walk down the street. It is also only about a 10-minute walk to the picturesque Sandymount Strand where you can stroll along the shores of Dublin Bay! 

Take a look at where St. Michael's House is in relation to University College Dublin, the city center of Dublin, and other points of interest in our local neighborhood of Ballsbridge: 

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