Duquesne in Dublin Academics

University College Dublin Provides...

  • A wide range of courses in most majors

  • The opportunity to integrate into Irish Culture and to meet classmates from Ireland and around the world

  • An academic calendar closely aligned with Duquesne's calendar

  • Wonderful support for students: orientations & over 200 university clubs and societies

Participants in Duquesne in Dublin program will attend the University College Dublin (UCD) during their semester abroad.There are over 9 Notable Programmes available to Duquesne Students and ALL majors are welcome to apply!

UCD, located just minutes from Dublin's City Center and St. Michael's House, is the largest university in Ireland.  Tracing its origins to the Catholic University of Ireland founded in 1854 by Cardinal John Henry Newman, the university has a long tradition of service, scholarship and advancement throughout Europe. 

UCD Course Information

Study abroad students register as Visiting Students and can take up to five modules (classes) per semester at UCD.

Study Abroad students have a full range of undergraduate modules and have the option to register for four modules within their main program (this is the program you are applying for i.e. Arts, Business, Science, etc.) and up to two additional modules from across the university. For example, if a student is taking 3-4 courses in Arts and 1-2 business they would apply to the Arts & Humanities Program. Whereas a student who is taking 3-4 Business courses and 1-2 Arts would apply to the Business Program and so on. This is important to note as you must take the majority of the modules (classes) from the programme to which you apply.

Traditional Programmes offered at UCD
Arts & Humanities Business
Sciences Agriculture, Food & Nutrition
Sports & Exercise Nursing
American Studies Architecture
How to find courses and course descriptions: 

Module Details are available online (note: Semester I = Fall, Semester II = Spring). All available courses for visiting students will be listed here. Take note of the courses you are interested and gain pre-approval from your Academic Advisor.

Pre-Approved Course (Coming Soon)

If you have difficulty, meet with the study abroad advisor for assistance.

On-Site Courses

All Duquesne in Dublin students must register with their Duquesne Academic Advisor for the following On-site Courses:

STYI 000: Study Abroad Ireland (this ensures that you receive credit for your time abroad)

CLPR 351-91: Intercultural Awareness and Exploration: Home Away from Home (1 Credit)
This is a required course you will take while in Dublin. This one-credit course meets once a week and is taught by Duquesne in Dublin Director Nora McBurney. This course follows up on the CLPR 350 course you take before your arrival in Dublin. The course is designed to expand students' intercultural awareness and exploration through cross-cultural observations and interactions.

HIST 267: Ireland Uncovered (3 Credits), (Cultural Fluency / Social & Historical Reasoning)
This course provides an overview of Irish history from the arrival of Christianity up to modern times. Taking a documents-based approach, the course will explore the complexities, themes and modern-day relevance of major issues and events in Irish history such as the plantations, penal laws, the famine, independence, partition, and the outbreak of the Northern Irish troubles in the 1960s and ‘70s. In covering the waves of conquest, conflict, migration, and settlement that have shaped the political and social composition of modern Ireland, the course aims to situate Ireland within the context of European and wider history. Additionally, aspects of Irish culture will be explored through examinations of sport, music, and literature in their modern context. (Theme Areas: Social Justice/Global Diversity)

This course is taught on-site at St. Michael's House by Professor Mike Cronin.