Kilronan Castle

Academic Excursions at the Dublin Campus

As a part of the Duquesne in Dublin Program, these inclusive excursions will take you outside the City of Dublin and deepen your social, historical and cultural understanding of Ireland. They are also a lot of fun!

Included Academic Excursions (Required)

Fall - Orientation Day Trip to Glendalough:

Glendalough is a glacial valley in the Wicklow County area of Ireland, an hour south of Dublin. During this day trip, you will explore an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin and have free time to explore the surrounding walking trails as well as the beautiful Upper and Lower Lakes. This excursion includes transportation, entrances, and a group lunch.

Spring - Orientation Day Trip to Kilkenny:

In Kilkenny, a short hour and a half drive from Dublin, you will visit Kilkenny Castle, one of the most recognized buildings in Ireland. Built in 1195 by William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, it was a symbol of Norman occupation and formed an important element of the defenses of the town. You will have the chance to explore the castle as well as the adjoining gardens and parkland. The excursion includes transportation, entrances, and a group lunch.

Western Ireland Cultural Excursion, 3-days (Required as part of CLPR 351: Intercultural Awareness)

This 2-night excursion will first take you to the cobblestoned streets of Galway in Western Ireland.  Rich in culture, you will see reminants of the medieval town walls yet easily feel at home as students make up 20% of Galway's population. Described today as a "thriving, bohemian, cultural city", "Old Ireland" is still very present and it is common to hear Irish spoken on the streets and among locals in cafes.

A guided tour will have you exploring the charming streets of Galway.  Attend Mass in Irish at the Galway Cathedral and then visit Cnoc Suain for a unique cultural expereince where you will learn about Irish dance, language, storytelling and much more!     

The 2nd night will have you staying in one of Ireland's most luxurious castles, Kilronan Castle. You will visit the historic Hill of Tara on the third day. With over 100 acres, it is seen as a 'Royal Place, A Sacred Place and A Celtic Place'.  With so many castles in Ireland, your travels will take you to yet another, Trim Castle, commonly known for its role in the film 'Braveheart', and the largest Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland. Western Ireland is a lovely contrast to Dublin and this excursion will be most memorable.

Belfast, Northern Ireland Mini-Excursion, Day-trip (Required as part of HIST 267: Uncovering Ireland)

This excursion is included as a part of the Ireland Uncovered Course. Less then a 3-hour drive from Dublin, you will visit Belfast, Ireland. This transformed city, once on a list of places travelers should avoid, now has so much to offer. You will visit the Titanic Museum and learn about the role Belfast played in the shipbuilding industry of the Titanic era.  A guided city tour to see the many famous murals of Belfast depicting past and present political and religious divisions in Ireland will be a highlight.

Optional Excursions

Optional Excursions for Spring 2019:

Easter in Rome 

This four day excursion over Easter weekend in Rome includes round trip airfare and housing at the Italian Campus in Rome. You will arrive on Holy Thursday and participate in the tradition of the Holy Thursday "Church Crawl" followed by a welcome dinner. Other activities include a visit to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica, Good Friday Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis at the Colosseum, and a ticket to Easter Mass with Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. Also included is a day trip to the Castelli Romani, an area about an hour outside of Rome, which is home to the Roman lakes, the Papal summer palace, and the Tivoli Gardens. There will also be a special Easter Sunday breakfast and dinner served on campus. All activities and meals will be together with Duquesne Italian Campus students making it a great chance to interact with other Duquesne students abroad!

*A Duquesne in Dublin staff member will travel with students, while the Italian Campus staff will be available to assist students during their time in Rome.