City of Rome

Rome is a city rich in history, art, culture, myths, mystery, and world class cuisine. Much like Pittsburgh, Rome's neighborhoods are diverse, interesting, and highlight everything that make it one of the greatest cities in the world. During your semester, you will have the opportunity to explore not only our local neighborhood, but other neighborhoods throughout the city, and get to know Rome like a local!


Our local neighborhood! This is the area of the city where you will be living. Campus is about a 10-minute bus ride to the main business district of our neighborhood, where you will find grocery stores, clothing boutiques, coffee bars, restaurants, and so much more! This is also where you can catch buses or the metro into the city center of Rome. Boccea is a true working class neighborhood and your daily interactions with its people offer a unique view into local life!

Vatican City:

Home to Pope Francis, Vatican City is the world's smallest country and the center of the Catholic Church. Visiting St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel is a moving experience. You can even receive a blessing from Pope Francis during your semester! The Vatican is accessible by both bus and metro from the campus and is an approximate 40-minute ride. 

Centro Storico (Historic Center):

This is the ‘downtown' area of Rome where you will find almost all of Rome's main attractions. Most of your on-site classes will meet in various locations throughout the historic center including the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona. You will quickly become an expert at navigating Rome's winding streets! The Historic Center of Rome is accessible by both bus and metro from the campus and is an approximate 1-hour ride.


Everyone has seen the photos of Rome's narrow, cafe-lined streets with hanging laundry and windowboxes full of flowers. Chances are, these photos were taken in Trastevere! Rome's bohemian nieighborhood is a maze of narrow alley-like streets full of boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife. This is a great area to meet other young Italians! The Trastevere neighborhood is reachable by bus from the campus and is an approximate 40-minute ride. 


The beach! When the weather is warm, the beach is where the Romans flock. Accessible by public transportation, you can spend your weekends along the Mediterranean Sea taking in the Roman sunshine! You can also visit the ruins of Ostia Antica, commonly referred to as the 'Pompeii of Rome'. Ostia is reachable by bus, metro, and train and is an approximate 1.5-hour ride. 

Want to know more about the experience of living and learning in The Eternal City:

Duq in Rome: Racconti - Marissa Augustine & Kaylon Campbell from Duquesne University on Vimeo.

Take a look at the map below to see where campus is in relation to these neighborhoods of Rome: