Students in the ancient history course 'Caput Mundi: Rome as Center of a Diverse World' study the works of antiquity inside the Capitoline Museum. Caput Mundi is just one of the unique on-site courses offered by the Italian Campus every semester. 


Italian Campus Academic Program

Duquesne University's Italian Campus offers a unique academic experience. The courses offered both capitalize on the rich cultural and historical environment of Rome AND allow students to fulfill important Duquesne University Bridges curriculum courses and general requirements. The courses have been selected with sophomores in mind, but juniors and seniors are always welcome. Here you can see all of our course offerings.

Class Schedule

Class schedules will be very different from a typical semester at Duquesne. Most courses meet once per week for three hours and are both on campus in the classroom and on-site in the heart of ancient Rome. The class-week is Monday through Thursday to allow three-day weekends. This lets students take advantage of great travel and immersion opportunities in Italy and throughout Europe.

The Classroom Environment

One of the unique features of the Italian Campus is on-site class, where Rome is your classroom! These classes meet weekly on location in the city of Rome and allow students to study the works of art, architecture, and archeological sites they are learning about, in person! 

The University Floor houses the two classrooms used for on-campus classes as well as the Charles J. Dougherty Campus Library. The University Floor is the ground floor of the Italian Campus building, the same building as the students' residence. 

Becoming a Global Citizen

CLPR 350: Cross-Cultural Preparation: Getting Ready for the Journey is a required course you will take before departing for Rome. This 1-credit lecture course meets four times during the semester before your departure and is designed to prepare you for your journey. You will get to know your fellow students before leaving for Rome, talk about getting ready and what it will be like, and think about how to get the most out of your time abroad. 

CLPR 351: Intercultural Awareness: Home Away From Home is a required course you will take while in Rome. This one-credit lecture course meets once a week and is taught by Italian Campus Director Michael Wright and Assistant Director Alana Sacriponte. This course follows up on the CLPR 350 course you take before your arrival in Rome. The course is designed to expand students' intercultural awareness and exploration through cross-cultural observations and interactions. 

CLPR 352: Intercultural Competency: Becoming Global Citizens (Optional) upon your return to earn your third credit and work toward a Certificate/Minor in Intercultural Engagement.