Deposited Students

Congratulations! You have deposited. This means you have a place reserved to study at the Duquesne in Rome program. 

You will only lose your place if:

  • Your GPA falls below 3.0
  • Your Residence Life record indicates a history of behavioral issues that would put you at risk abroadRequirements to Study at the Italian Campus:
  • You are in good disciplinary standing at Duquesne in order to participate, i.e. you must have no outstanding conduct violations. Students on disciplinary probation during the semester of travel are prohibited from participation. (The Center for Global Engagement will submit candidates to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary clearance checks.)

Your grades will be reviewed at the close of each semester before departure, so work hard to keep your grades strong. In the same vein, be aware of your behaviors, especially with alcohol. Individuals who have trouble controlling their behaviors here at home are not ready to be in a foreign country for an extended period of time.

Once we receive these clearances, your online application status will be changed to "Accepted" and you will receive an email that will walk you through the next steps in your preparation for Rome! 

IMPORTANT: What's Next?

1) Log into the Duq Abroad  and confirm your acceptance by clicking the button "Commit" under the section Commitment to Participate.

2) Required Forms: All required forms are available through DuqAbroad and are listed under Preparing to Go.  Due dates are posted and semester specific. 

Please feel free to contact Kim Szczypinski if you have questions.