Preparing to Go

Information on the following will be provided via email, following your acceptance to the Italian Campus Program: 

Making your travel arrangements: You can chose to either book your airfare on the group flight through our travel agent or independently. Students booking tickets on the group flight will need to book through the travel agent by the posted deadline. It is also important to remember that you will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your anticipated return date or you will not be able to board the plane. Non-US or non-Canadian students will need to apply for a student visa to study in Rome. 

Registering for the required 1-credit CLPR 350: Cross-Cultural Preparation: Getting Ready for the Journey course, which you will take the semester before your departure for Rome. This course does not begin at the beginning of the semester, but meets five times toward the end of the semester prior to study abroad.  Students should access their DuqAbroad application and submit their scheduling preference for the course under "questionnaires" and select "CLPR 350 Cross-Cultural Preparation Choice Preferences".

You will also receive information on registering for the 1-credit required CLPR 351: Intercultural Awareness: Home Away From Home course, which you will take during your semester in Rome. 

Dates of the pre-departure orientation.

The following list of resources will support you as you prepare yourself for a semester in Rome. Remember, you will also receive a packet with important information in the mail! 

Passport and Visa Information

Money in Italy

Packing List: Rome

Movies and Books about Italy

Information for Visitors to the Duquesne in Rome Campus

Preparing to Come to Italy - Resources

Insurance Coverage While Studying Abroad

Directions from the Airport to Campus

Do I need a Student Visa?

Staying Connected While Abroad

Important Food Allergy Considerations

Student Spending Snapshot

Semester Course Descriptions 

Some Thoughts on Air Arrangement

We encourage all accepted students to review in advance, preferably with their families, the Italian Campus' Policies and Student Handbook. Duquesne students are ambassadors while studying abroad and are expected to uphold the Duquesne University Mission and Code of Conduct while abroad. This is imperative not only for the image of Duquesne abroad, but most importantly for the safety of our students in Rome. 

Student Handbook

Alcohol Discipline STRIKES Description

Helpful Information and Resources regarding Alchohol and Drug Use

Alcohol Agreement Policy

Participation Agreement

Alcohol Policies and Expectations

Following your acceptance, you will be asked to submit the following eight (8) forms via DuqAbroad: 

  1. Emergency Contacts form (submit on Duq Abroad)
  2. Participant Agreement (electronic signature)
  3. Insurance Certification (electronic signature but you should talk to your insurance issuer first to determine whether your coverage abroad is adequate to your needs)
  4. Special Power of Attorney (must be printed and notarized - we can do this for free at the Center for Global Engagement if you bring a valid government issued photo ID such as passport or driver's license)
  5. Health Clearance form (must by signed by your physician, so you may need a physical if you haven't had one recently)
  6. Italian Campus Housing Preference Questionnaire (You may request a particular roommate. We honor requests that are mutual).
  7. Alcohol Pledge (electronic signature)
  8. Covid-19 Acknowledgment Form

Deadlines for these submissions will be emailed to you.