Life at the Italian Campus

It’s different in many ways from the home campus.  The classes, your schedule, the meal plan and the rhythm of your life are different.


Q:  What’s the food like?  Is there a meal plan?

The Sisters cook on-site for the students and you will be served the equivalent of 4 full days of meals:  Sunday dinner; M-T-W 3 meals a day; Th. Breakfast and lunch only.  For the long weekends, you will also receive something called “Ticket Restaurants” – cash-like coupons that can be used throughout Italy in supermarkets and restaurants.  This is a great way to enjoy the amazing food you’ll find in Italy.  


Q:  What will my schedule be like? 

Your class schedule is very different from that on the main campus.  The class-week is Monday through Thursday to allow you 3-day weekends.  You will have many interesting places within Italy and Europe you can see on these longer weekends.


And most classes meet only once per week.  This is because the class schedule is structured around the on-site classes meeting each week in the heart of ancient Rome. 


No class conflicts with any other class, so you don’t need to worry about this when you register. 


Q:  What is the “dorm” like?


The campus is all in one building with Floors 3 and 4 being the living quarters.  Each room is a double with its own private bath, so the over-all floor houses both men and women. 

There is a small study room with access to a computer and printer on each residential floor.


Q:  Where are the classrooms in relation to the residential rooms?


The “common spaces” are on the ground floor of the same building.  You’ll find 2 classrooms, the dining rooms, laundry, lounge, kitchenette and library all on this common floor.