Financial Policies

Financial Aid

All federal and state financial aid is applicable toward study abroad unless the program is offered in the summer, or otherwise indicated. All students should meet with a financial aid officer to discuss their plans to study abroad and how their aid package may apply.

Study Abroad Fee

Study Abroad fees apply for semesters abroad and vary by program. For Italian Campus and Duquesne in Dublin, this fee is paid in the form of their deposit. For students of Approved Programs (outside of Rome or Dublin), Duquesne University will add study abroad fee to the student's bill. For approved study abroad programs, an additional deposit housing, etc. may be required by a third-party provider.  

Study Abroad Program Study Abroad Fee
Duquesne in Rome $1250
Duquesne in Dublin $950
Approved Programs $250

For Short-term, Student Teaching, Summer Programs, or Villa Nazareth: Study Abroad fees do not apply.

Cultural Insurance International (CISI) Emergency Assistance Coverage Fee

All students studying abroad are required to purchase Cultural Insurance International (CISI) Emergency Assistance coverage. The University engages this on behalf of all students and will bill you at the rate of $50 per month for any semester abroad, student teaching abroad programs, and for all short-term programs (6 weeks or less).

CISI coverage provides minimal health insurance as well as emergency assistance services facilitating a medical situation in a foreign hospital (e.g., translation services, vetting a hospital for quality of service, communicating to family, etc.); a medical transportation service providing evacuation and repatriation (costs covered here); and travel assistance for family to join a hospitalized student.

Housing and Meals, Airfare, Personal and Travel Expenses

Students in all semester study abroad programs pay for their own airfare, in some instances group flights will be offered. Housing and meal expenses will vary widely depending on the program (see “estimated costs” section on each of the program summaries).

Study Abroad Program Housing/Meals Personal Expenses Flight/Travel Expenses
Duquesne in Rome Towers Rate Varies Individual or Group, details in acceptance packet
Duquesne in Dublin Des Places Rate Varies Booked individually 
Approved Programs Varies Varies Indivudual or Group, with providers

Special Petition Programs

If you are petitioning to attend a program not currently included in the approved list, you must consult with the Center for Global Engagement to determine pre-approval. The Study Abroad Advisor can assist you with this discussion and prepare you for this process.

Special Cases: tuition waivers, tuition exchange or special discounts

In accordance with University policy, students who are attending Duquesne University with tuition waivers (Duquesne employees and members of their families), tuition exchanges (through the Commission on Independent Colleges , the Tuition Exchange, or similar organizations), or special discounts must pay the costs of their selected program of study abroad, including tuition and airfare.

Students will be billed for regular Duquesne University tuition. If a student studies with an outside approved program their Duquesne University tuition will be adjusted to reflect the exact tuition cost of the external program.

Since tuition remission and tuition exchange will not apply during the semester or summer abroad, the student may consider applying for other types of external scholarships and financial aid. Special discounts that are applicable during the fall and spring semesters, are not applicable for Maymesters or Faculty-Led Summer Abroad programs.  Contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance.

NOTE: Duquesne University’s Duquesne in Rome program in the fall and spring semesters is an exception to the above and honors all tuition waivers, scholarships and discounts. This does not include special summer programming.

Cancellation Policy

If a student cancels participation in a program after committing to study abroad, Duquesne will bill the student’s account for any nonrefundable payments that Duquesne has made or is obligated to make for the student’s study abroad program.