Interested in Developing a Faculty-led Study Abroad Course?

To Consider: 

• Designing and leading an international, study abroad course for students will be some of the most challenging and interesting teaching you will ever do
• The transformative nature of this kind of learning is unmatched 
• The National Survey of Student Engagement(2010) identifies study abroad as one of only six high impact learning experiences. (The others are learning communities, service learning, research with a faculty member, internships and senior culmination/capstone courses.)


• There are two great formats readily available to you at Duquesne University:
  1) The Spring Break Away: A spring semester course that meets all semester on-campus but includes an obligatory, integrated international study trip for the 8-9 days of Spring Break
  2) The Summer: A 2-6 week program at an international site/s. Some are 3 credits; some are 6 credits. The entire course is taught and accomplished while abroad.

Come to the Office of International Programs for suggestions and guidance


• Apply for a Faculty Development Grant to do the exploratory travel necessary to develop your international component.
• The Office of International Programs offers 2-3 annual $2500 Faculty Development Grants

Submit for Approval:

• Break Away course proposals are considered as part of the annual Faculty Development Grant process each year. If you are NOT applying for a Faculty Development Grant, but you'd like to offer a Break Away course, please submit any ideas by February 1st the year BEFORE your proposed Spring Break Away course/study trip. Please complete this brief application.

Summer Course Approvals submit a 3-Part "A-B-C" Application:

  1. Academic 
  2. Budget 
  3. Concerns (Safety) 

All proposals for the following SUMMER must be submitted during October, November and/or December the Fall BEFORE each summer.