Short Term - Provost Letter

A Letter from the Provost:

Dear Faculty Colleagues,
With each year that passes, our students graduate into an increasingly globalized environment. Whatever their field of study, if they are to succeed they must be ready to work with and for colleagues whose linguistic and cultural backgrounds differ from their own and to accept assignments in countries all over the world. At Duquesne, we count on faculty members with the relevant interest and expertise to prepare students for this exciting future - perhaps by leading a Short-Term Study Abroad Program.

Faculty members who have taught courses abroad on this basis usually describe it as a rewarding experience, but it does demand skills that extend beyond one's expertise in one's academic discipline. Fortunately, the staff in Duquesne's Office of International Programs (OIP) bring decades of combined experience to the challenges involved - from establishing the appropriate fee structure and advertising the program to prospective participants, to holding pre-departure briefings, to planning successful site visits, to securing liability waivers and critical medical clearances.

Most importantly of all, following the helpful guidelines provided by OIP for faculty members proposing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs will lead to the formal review and approval of those programs by the university. This straightforward process protects all involved - the students, the university, and most certainly the faculty member him- or herself - and is therefore required for all Duquesne-sponsored study abroad programs.

Together, OIP and the Office of the Provost promote study abroad as part of the university's wider strategic plan. I encourage you to consider how you might participate by leading a Short-Term Study Abroad Program and to share whatever ideas you may have with OIP for their expert guidance in bringing them to fruition.

Thank you.

Timothy R. Austin
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs