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Summer Proposal Information

Your Role as a Leader

As a leader of short-term study abroad programs, you are undertaking the direction of what undoubtedly will be one of your students’ most significant and memorable academic experiences. The Provost has established the Center for Global Engagement in order to support you in this endeavor.

Center for Global Engagement's role

  • We can help from the early idea stage to proposal writing
  • Provide resources to prepare your students for  the difficulty in adjusting to “reverse culture shock” upon return.
  • Assist in coordinating interdisciplinary programs.
  • Collaborate on marketing and promotion.
  • Facilitate the development of application and informational material
  • Provide samples and models of former successful programs and budgets.


Please contact Dr. Jean Anne Hattler with questions or to make an appointment to discuss your proposal.


Developing a Summer Proposal - It is a 3 Step Process!  

Additional resources can be found by logging onto DORI

Step 1: Academics

Step 1: Academics

You will need Academic approval from both your department and your Dean. Take special note that your Dean’s signature indicates both academic approval AND willingness to cover any possible budget shortfall.


Short-Term Study Abroad Academic Approval Form

Step 2: Budget

Step 2: Budget

Complete the Budget worksheet and Budget forms to determine the costs of your program, following Duquesne University’s Budget Office guidelines.

Note: You must submit a FINAL BUDGET (rather than this Proposed Budget) to the Budget Office 30 days BEFORE departure.

Special budgetary considerations and policies:
  • Tuition Remission/Exchange scholarships do NOT cover short-term study abroad programs. Be certain that students and their parents know this as you are marketing your program. Students must pay the full tuition for the 3 or 6-credit course PLUS any additional costs above the tuition.
  • When budgeting for your trip and quoting pricing to students, it is best to underestimate your enrollment. This will make the price slightly higher, but you will avoid the shock and distress of requesting more funds from the students if your enrollment is not as high as you had estimated.
  • Notice that your Dean’s signature on the Academic part of this proposal also commits the Dean to cover any possible budget shortfalls. This underlines the necessity for you to engage the budget process carefully and with some “contingency funding” allotment to cover the unexpected (flight problems, currency exchange fluctuations, etc.).

Complete the Budget Worksheet (FY19 Study Abroad Short Term Worksheet)
(If prompted, "Enable Macros".)

Budget Worksheet Field Descriptions

Step 3: Concerns

Step 3: Concerns- Health, Safety & Security

Complete the Concerns Questionnaire regarding the health, safety, and security of the location/s to which you are traveling.


Concerns Questionnaire - Health, Safety & Security planning questionnaire.