Fulbright Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of International Programs assists students interested in applying for various Fulbright scholarship opportunities abroad for graduating seniors and graduate students. For the most current and detailed information please consult the U.S. Student Fulbright Program

Application Deadlines

The 2012-2013 Competition will open on May 1, 2011.  The deadline for the 2012-2013 applications for students applying through Duquesne University will be September 23,  2011.  On-campus interviews will be conducted the week of October 3, 2011.

The application process is rigorous, so start early by meeting with the Fulbright Program Adviser (FPA) on campus as soon as possible.

Please contact Duquesne's Fulbright Program Adviser (FPA) for more information:

Joe DeCrosta
Director of International Programs
Phone: 412-396-5180
Email: decrosta@duq.edu