Supplemental Insurance Providers

The following supplemental insurance providers are options for your consideration. While Duquesne University does NOT endorse any specific insurance plan, those listed below are provided for your information and reference. Your decision to purchase coverage from any provider should be made after careful examination of policy coverage. Please call the policy provider directly for any specific plan questions you may have.


Hinchcliff International Healthcare Advantage

Tel: 800.242.4178


Hinchcliff International Preferred Health Plan Overseas

Tel: 800.242.4178


STA Travel Insurance (Plan A w/Medical Coverage)

Tel: 800.797.2297 [This is the same organization that issues the ISIC card.]


Champion Insurance Advantage, Ltd.

Tel: 410.879.4577


International Scholastic Overseas Service (SOS)

Tel: 800.767.1403


Health Insurance for U.S. Students Studying Abroad

Tel.: 800.222.5780


Worldwide Assistance


MedChoice International (Seabury & Smith)

Tel: 800.331.3047 or 202.457.6824