Questions for your Insurance Provider

Keep two(2) basic components in mind: 1) coverage overseas, and 2)uninterrupted coverage at home. Do NOT cancel any existing insurance coverage you may have. Verify that your existing coverage will continue should any follow-up treatment be needed upon return.


Please refer to the questions below for assistance in evaluating policy coverage.


  1. What type of coverage does my policy/this international health insurance plan provide?
  2. How much does this policy cost?
  3. What are the eligibility requirements for this policy?
  4. Are pre-existing conditions covered? If so, is there a waiting period?
  5. If I become ill or am injured while overseas, how will the policy apply?
        > Do I pay for services rendered and receive reimbursement afterwards?
        > If I am unable to pay in advance for services rendered, will this policy provide assistance?
        > Does this policy require a deductible?
  6. When does the coverage for this policy begin and when does it end?
  7. Does this policy provide coverage specifically in my country/s of destination?
  8. Does this policy provide coverage at specified American hospitals (e.g. the American Hospital in Rome , a private hospital)?
  9. Will this policy provide coverage for trips to the U.S. if, during the semester, I had to come back and then return to Italy ? Does this policy provide for the travel expenses of a family member to come and assist you? [see Medex]
  10. Will the policy provide coverage outside my host country during my study abroad program?
  11. Whom do I ask if I have questions about the coverage while abroad?
  12. In addition to accident and sickness coverage, what other services does your policy provide? (e.g., 24-hour operator assistance, information on English speaking doctors and/or translators, travel insurance, etc.)