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Italian Campus Courses and Textbook Information

Permanant Courses

(All history and art history courses are taught on location throughout Rome.)

Culture Course (1-credit)

CLPR 351: Intercultural Awareness and Exploration: Home Away from Home (required)

Language Course

MLIT 101 Elementary Italian

Business Core Courses

Management of Organizational Behavior (Fall only)

Global Insights (Fall and Spring)

Theme Area: Creative Arts

Art History 205: Christian Art and Architecture in Rome (Spring)

Art History 383: Painting and Sculpture in the High Renaissance (Fall)

Art History 385: Baroque Art (Fall & Spring) 

Note: All art history courses are considered history

Theme Area: Global Diversity

Classics/History 210:Caput Mundi: Rome as Center of a Diverse World

Note: Considered a history course

Theme Area: Faith and Reason Theology 274: Beginnings of Christianity
Theme Area: Social Justice Sociology 250: Italian Cultural Studies through Film

Note: It is very important that you work closely with your academic advisor as early as possible to make sure that these courses fit into your overall program requirements.

Textbook Lists:

Fall 2018 Textbook list