Students meeting the Italian Mediterranean Buffalo of Tenuta Vannulo, the organic mozzarella farm visited during the Ancient Campania Excursion. 

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Academic Excursions at the Italian Campus

Travel will be one of the highlights of your semester abroad. With Italy's rich culture and varied landscape, you can remain in the country during the entire semester and still have plenty to explore and experience. Two academic excursions combined with optional staff-lead mini-excursions provide many opportunites to explore the different regions of this beautiful country!

Academic Excursions (included): Each semester includes mandatory academic excursions:  

Explore different regions of Italy with your professors during two academic excursions that count for class participation. For two weekends, Italy will become your classroom! 

  • Ancient Campania Excursion: During this weekend excursion, you will travel with the staff and faculty to the southern region of Campania. The weekend begin walking the ancient streets of this impeccably preserved city and experience life as an ancient Roman! Other highlights of the weekend include a visit to an organic buffalo mozzarella farm, visit to the ancient Greek temples of Paestum and a free day to explore the magical island of Capri!

  • Medieval Tuscan Excursion: During this weekend excursion, you will travel with the staff and faculty to the region of Tuscany. Highlights of the weekend include a stop in the city of Siena to visit some of the most important churches and sites for medieval and Christian art, a free day for shopping and bike riding in the walled city of Lucca, and a visit to one of the most recognizable landmarks in Italy, the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

*Other mandatory academic excursions may vary depending on course offerings. Please review the mandatory and optional excursions listed on DuqAbroad for your specific semester.

Optional Excursions (spaces are held first come, first served):

Expand your understanding of Italy by engaging experiences beyond Rome through these optional staff-led excursions.  Sign up through Duq Abroad, spots are held on a first come, first served basis.  Once sign ups are open, students can log into Duq Abroad to sign up (excursions will be listed in their application once available).

Optional Excursions for Spring 2018:
  • Eat, Pray, Love: Perugia: On this excursion, we will discover the wonders of the region of Umbria! "Baci" chocolates, pasta with truffles, roasted pork, local vegetables, and wines. This excursion brings us closer to nature as we will hunt for our own truffles, prepare our own pasta, and visit the Perugina Chocolate Factory in Perugia. With our time in Assisi, true to the message of St. Francis, we hope you experience a renewed appreciation for the outdoors and spiritual appreciation for this mystic medieval hilltop town. Most importantly, we will come together to dine in a way that nourishes our happiness.

  • Milan: Capital of Fashion & Design:  In 48-hours you will see and experience so much in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, including visits to the famous Cathedral, Da Vinci's The Last Supper, some of the most famous modern-designed buildings, as well as hanging out in the famous Navigli district for food and fun!

  • Tivoli & Castel Gandolfo: Join us on a fantastic day trip outside of Rome, to two of Lazio's most famous villages: Tivoli and Castel Gandolfo. We'll explore the Renaissance Villa d'Este in Tivoli with its 500 fountains and then we'll travel up into the volcanic Alban hills to visit the town known for the Pope's summer home.
    We'll enjoy a multi-course lunch with wine overlooking beautiful Lake Albano!

  • Art Weekend Florence: Spend your first free weekend exploring one of Italy's most important cities and the birthplace of the Renaissance: Florence. This excursion is designed to help you learn how to travel in Italy and to give you the skills to feel confident in booking all of your future travels throughout Italy and beyond!