Bolivia with Amizade

Bolivia (Service Learning)

Amizade: Indigenous Politics, Service, and Development in the Andes

Program Type

Spend a semester living with a family in Cochabamba, Bolivia (Bolivia’s third largest city, encircled by the breathtaking Andes Mountains); study Spanish and contemporary Latin American history and politics; serve 12+ hours per week for a local nonprofit organization; and explore the country and culture through field trips and community events.

Academic Courses

Bolivia semester students enroll in five courses worth three credits each, to earn a total of fifteen credits during the term. Six credits are dedicated to Spanish language courses. Students are accommodated at all levels of language learning, from introductory to advanced.

The remaining three courses are:

    •     Civil Society in Bolivia

    •    The Global Service-Learning Seminar

    •     The Field Placement Internship Seminar (political science credits)

Together, these courses are designed to provide theoretical and historical perspectives on civil society and political concerns, with a particular focus on the role of indigenous politics in the region today. The Global Service-Learning course focuses on the relationship between individual ethics, local social service efforts, and international dilemmas. The political science courses are taught in English by local and expatriate instructors.

Community Service

You will have a number of service opportunities relating to human needs. Amizade has long-term relationships with several organizations that work with children and youth with disabilities. You will be placed with the organization of your choice taking into account your experience and the needs of the organizations.

Language of Instruction


Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: September – December

Spring Semester: January – May

Housing and Meals

Students will be housed in comfortable home stays with Cochabambino families. Two meals are provided per day at home stay families (breakfast and lunch, the large family meal in Bolivia).

Services Provided

    •     Course delivery and instruction accredited through West Virginia University

    •    Multiple field trips during semester and scheduled educational, cultural and service activities

    •     Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    •    3 meals per day during field trips

Estimated Costs

Tuition Program Tuition + Fees, Billed through Duquesne
Study Abroad Fee $250
Round-trip Airfare Current cost as per your arrangement
Room and Board $1,440
Personal Expenses $2,400

Check out the Amizade Bolivia Service Learning program for more details.