Sussex, England

University of Sussex 

Program Type

Direct enrollment at the University of Sussex, facilitated by Duquesne University’s OIP.

Academic Highlights

Natural sciences are especially strong: life sciences, chemistry (particularly Organic Chemistry). Liberal arts.

Courses available at the University of Sussex

Language of Instruction


Academic Calendar

The academic year at Sussex is divided into 3 terms of about 10 weeks each. For our Fall Semester, do the “ Sussex in September” PLUS the Autumn Term.

Fall Semester: “ Sussex in September” the month of September

Autumn Term - October to December

Spring Semester: Spring Term (January to March) & Summer Term (April to June)

Housing and Meals

Sussex has plentiful on campus housing for study abroad students. The UK custom is for most students to have private “study rooms” in housing facilities with shared kitchens/living areas. Board is “self-catering.” Kitchens are shared by 5-12 students, and this UK custom helps you meet both English and other study abroad students.

Services Provided

Sussex’s International and Study Abroad Office provides an orientation program, social events, and a rich menu of excursions to places around Britain. The university also has a campus medical and dental office.

Estimated Costs - Category I Program
Tuition Program Tuition + Fees
Study Abroad Fee $250
Round-trip airfare Current costs as per your arrangement
Housing / Meals est. £550-£600 per month
Personal Expenses $4000

For a more in depth look, check out the University of Sussex.