Semester at Sea

Program Type

Travel around the world while living and studying onboard a ship that is fully equipped as a “floating university campus.” Third-party provider agreement with The Institute for Shipboard Education (accredited by the University of Virginia, Charlottesville), facilitated by Duquesne University’s OIP.


Anthropology, biological sciences, business and economics, English and world literatures, geography, geology, history, history of art and architecture, world music, philosophy, comparative politics, sociology, religious studies and theatre. (Specific courses vary from semester to semester, according to the ports of call on the itinerary and the specialization of the faculty engaged for a particular semester.)

Language of Instruction


Academic Calendar*

Fall Semester: early September to mid-December

Spring Semester: mid-January to late April

*Voyage dates may vary by as much as two weeks from semester to semester


Participants are housed in double cabins, priced according to cabin category:

  • inside doubles (2 berths without porthole)
  • outside double (2 berths with porthole, greater expense)
  • junior suite

Estimated Costs

Tuition Program Tuition + Fees, billed through Duquesne
Study Abroad Fee $250
Round-trip Airfare Current cost as per your arrangement to/from Semester at Sea point of embarkation/debarkation
Housing/Meals $3,900-$7,000 depending on class of cabin you choose
In country travel, textbooks, miscellaneous fees, visas, personal expenses. Varies. Allow approximately $4,500 minimum, including airfare.

There are extra costs associated with travel to and from the ports of embarkation/debarkation, travel within the countries visited, textbooks, visas, personal expenses and miscellaneous incidental fees.

Scholarships available through Semester at Sea.

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