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Spring Break Away 2019 - Costa Rica

Course: MLSP 203/480B Costa Rica: People, Problems, Possibilities (1-Credit) 


Costa Rica 

This 1-credit course is open to students studying Spanish 101 or above who have had previous Spanish in high school. While an increased knowledge of Spanish can definitely be an advantage, this trip is very rewarding for students at all levels. Focusing on Costa Rica as a microcosm, this 1-credit course will examine the potential, possibilities and the problems facing Costa Rica and Central America. Students will have the opportunity to experience local culture firsthand, apply and improve their language skills while offering volunteer services to communities in need.

During the first six weeks, students will study the language, people, history, political system, geography, and the arts of Costa Rica. Much of the academic work and contact hours for the course will be fulfilled in the nine-day Spring Break experience. While in Costa Rica, we will perform volunteer, community-exchange work helping young children in Fundavida Institute, a safe haven for kids in a marginal neighborhood. We will also continue the Spanish language and culture studies. Participants will live with families most of the time. We will take a city tour of San Jose, hike through a rain forest, stop at a coffee plantation and go to the beach on the Pacific Coast for two days where we will snorkel while on a Catamaran. Upon returning, students will reflect on their experiences and complete any final projects.

Prerequisites: Completed Spanish 101 or equivalent, open to all majors. 

Max enrollment: 15 students

More information: Dr. Mark Frisch (frisch@duq.edu), 205A Fisher Hall

Class Time(s): W 4-4:50 p.m.

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