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Spring Break Away 2019 - London and Stratford

Course: ENGL 233W Special Studyies: London Theater: Shakespeare and His World

[satisfies Core Theme Area:  Creative Arts or Social Justice; this is a writing intensive course]

Big Ben

The course will focus on the drama of Shakespeare and other playwrights who flourished in the theaters of London in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, one of the greatest periods in English literature. Since plays are written to be performed, we will coordinate classroom study of selected play texts with the experience of attending live theatrical performances of the same plays in London and in Stratford.

In London we will visit historical sites like the the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey and explore the dynamic and diverse contemporary city. We will ride double-decker buses and the "tube," travel by boat on the River Thames, London's "highway" since Roman times, and walk the same streets as Shakespeare and his original audiences. Our stay in Stratford will give us a taste of the English countryside while attending a plays and taking a backstage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. We will tour Windsor Castle and stop in Oxford on our way back to London. In all places, students will have ample opportunity to explore on their own and eat, drink, shop, or just people-watch. Our Spring Break week in London and Stratford will offer unforgettable experiences both in and outside of the theater.

Professor: Dr. Stuart M. Kurland, Department of English (kurland@duq.edu) 

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites. 

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Dr. Kurland, 621 College Hall

Class Time: T/TH  3:05-4:20 p.m.

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