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Spring Break Away 2019 - Rome, Italy

Course: HIST 171 History of Christianity

[satisfies Core Theme Area: Faith and Reason; ALSO history requirement]

This course traces the development of the Christian religion from its obscure origins to its present status as a diverse world religion with hundreds of millions of adherents. Our focus is on the ways in which the thought and organization of the Christian churches have responded to the enormously diverse societies and cultures in which they have existed.

No place is more deeply associated with the history of Christianity, and no place preserves as much of it as the city of Rome. From the Age of the Apostles to today, as the capital of a great empire, the headquarters of the papacy, and a great cosmopolitan metropolis in its own right, it has been the showcase of the Christian world. We will visit the temples of ancient Rome, the catacombs of the early Christians, and the incomparable riches of the Vatican and its museums. We will follow in the footsteps of medieval and modern pilgrims to a multitude of churches representing a diversity of Christian organizations and traditions and meet with some of its people who are carrying on that history today.

Professor: Dr. Jotham Parsons (parsonsj@duq.edu)

Prerequisites: This course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Dr. Parsons, 605 College Hall

Class Time: T/TH 3:05-4:20 p.m.

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