Spring Break Away 2022 - Vienna and Krakow

Course: PSYCH 204B Science, Psychology and the Holocast 

[satisfies Social and History Reasoning AND Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; satisfies Psychology requirement PSYC 203, Introduction to Psychology as a Human Science]

Freud Museum

In this course, we will examine the Holocaust, both historically and academically, in the sense of selected research and theories of genocide. We will pay particular attention to psychological research, theories, and concepts pertinent to genocide. We will also examine the term "science" and the assumptions attendant on how we know about the world and ourselves as "scientists." An emerging struggle will be to ask whether the Holocaust can be understood or explained "scientifically".

We will also focus on the lives and theories of Sigmund Freud and Viktor Frankl. Both Freud and Frankl lived and worked in Vienna and were also profoundly affected by antisemitism and the Holocaust. We will have the opportunity to visit Freud's home and the Frankl Institute, as well as enjoy the sights and sounds of Vienna. From Vienna we will travel by train to Krakow, Poland, and visit the infamous camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. Our journey will be a rich mixture of learning, friendship, and personal growth.

Professor: Dr. Leswin Laubscher 

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Dr. Laubscher, 215 Rockwell Hall

Class Time: TH 3:05-4:20 p.m.

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