Spring Break Away 2022 Geneva, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany

Course: GLBH 230: Global Perspectives in Healthcare

[Social and History Reasoning AND Cultural Fluency and Responsiveness]


This course provides an opportunity to study and experience global health issues by participating in an international Spring Break Away experience in Geneva, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany. Like Pittsburgh, Geneva and Berlin face social and scientific barriers to providing optimal healthcare to persons who are typically underserved or otherwise marginalized, such as individuals with physical, behavioral or intellectual disabilities, the homeless, and people challenged by substance use. This course offers students unique opportunities for service, global concerns, and concern for moral and spiritual values. Students will have the opportunity to expand and apply their knowledge in cultures different from their own and further enhance their cultural competency skills, through cultural immersion and by learning more about humanitarian and authoritative organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the High Commission for Refugees and the International Red Cross.

Professor: Dr. Bridget Calhoun and Dr. Amy Mattila

Prerequisites: None

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: Contact Dr. Calhoun or Dr. Mattila

Class Time: TBD

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