Spring Break Away 2022 - Ireland

Course: MUNM 170 The Enjoyment of Music with an Irish Twist

[satisfies Communication and Creative Expression]

Celtic Cross

This Spring Break Away course provides experiences for students to gain understanding of Irish traditional music within the larger context of Western art music. The Enjoyment of Music with an Irish Twist Creative Arts Theme Area course leads to an understanding of how music's basic elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, musical texture, musical form, tempo, and dynamics, are used to communicate the composer's expressive intent.

The travel to Galway and Dublin provides students with a foreign study experience during spring break. During our journey, we will experience a broad array of classical music, jazz, music from stage and screen, and a healthy dose of traditional Irish music. We will experience the important composers and musical compositions from each period of music while listening to great works and discussing the elements that made them come alive and move people's hearts through the ages. You do not need to have a music background to enjoy and succeed in this class

Professor: Dr. Edward Kocher (kocher@duq.edu)

Prerequisites: The course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: See Dr. Kocher in Music Building

Class Time: T/TH  1:40 -2:55 p.m.

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