Spring Break Away 2020 - Belize

Course: SOCI 220B Environmental Sociology

[satisfies Global Diversity and/or Social Justice]


This course examines the complex interactions between societies and their environment, compares how different types of societies adapt to specific environments, and evaluate how changing environments require changes in society. Belize is the perfect place to travel to see first-hand how a society adapts and changes in response to its environment, and our class will be project-based with teams evaluating the cultures, environments and social/environmental issues we observe in Belize. (Hybrid Class - only 4 physical class meetings on Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 25 & Apr. 22, the rest online and on-site.)

Professor: Dr. Michael Irwin

Prerequisites: This course is open to all, no prerequisites

Max enrollment: 20 students

More information: Dr. Michael Irwin (irwinm@duq.edu), Dept. Sociology 504a College Hall

Class Time: W 3-4:15 p.m. (Jan. 22, Feb. 19, Mar. 25 & Apr. 22) 

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