Dublin Internships

Dublin Internships

Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn abroad and to build your resume. International experiences, particularly work experience, will make you stand out and will provide you with hands-on experience that enhances your marketability when applying for positions after graduation.

Spend 4-8 weeks in lovely Dublin, Ireland earning credits at University College Dubin's Quinn School of Business. You will live among your peers at the grand St. Michael's House, a short walk from University College Dublin and located on a main busline for easy transportation to and from your internship locations.

Option 1: 4-week Internship


This new 4-week experience at University College Dublin works well with a variety of majors- not just Business! Students will have the option to engage in service-learning OR industry experience, and can intern at a variety of locations including start-ups, small-to-medium enterprises, voluntary organizations, or major multinational companies. It also includes a full cultural program!

Program dates TBC, but it would commence in June 2021. For more information, contact Danielle Genemore in the Center for Global Engagment.

Option 2: 8-week Internship

NOTE: This will not be offered during Summer 2021

The UCD Quinn School of Business Summer Internship is an eight-week programme combining academic, experiential and cultural elements into a holistic curriculum designed to ensure the student has the most engaged, international experience possible. Two-weeks of intensive academic courses book-end a six-week internship placement at a leading Irish or multinational company.

Course 1: Required

Ireland's International Business Environment (Course Outline: BGMT 30280)

Course 2: Select 1 of 3 options*

Responsible Management and Society (Course Outline)
Digital Marketing Communication (Course Outline)
Global Finance (Course outline)


For more information on both options, visit the UCD Quinn School website.

How to apply:

Deadline: March 1, 2021

Step 1: Submit Duquesne's Online Application 
  • Create Log-in and submit application
  • Upload: Essay, Resume/CV, Cover letter, Course Approval Form and Transcript
  • Request: Advisor Approval and Faculty/Employer Recommendations
  • Make your Deposit
Step 2: Schedule UCD Online Application Meeting  
  • Visit University College Dublin's Website
  • UCD provides instructions, but the Center for Global Engagement can assist with this process
  • Provide a copy of your application to the Center for Global Engagement (601 Union)

Additional information:

All students in the 8-week program must register for Ireland's International Business Enviroment (5 ECTS - 3 credits) and select one of the following courses (5 ECTS - 3 credits): Global Marketing, Responsible Management and Society or Global Finance. Students also give three options for placements (i.e in the field of business, HR, Finance, etc.). Once the application session closes students who have accepted a place will be contacted by their Internship Placement Manager.


There is a $1000 deposit due with the application for the Summer Internship in Dublin.  All deposits can be made through your student account. You can access your student account through DORI. In order for your spot to be held, you MUST provide your electronic receipt via email to Danielle Genemore or bring a paper copy to 601 Duquesne Union. This deposit is non-refundable after the posted UCD deadlines.