Past Summer Programs

2009 Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

These programs ran during summer 2009. Many of them will be offered again in summer 2010. The 2010 list will be updated as programs are confirmed throughout the fall semester.

Contact the faculty director for more detailed information on the program and to inquire if it will be offered again in 2010.


International Communicable Disease Control and Healthcare Delivery in Tanzania and Tunisia: May 9-31, 2009
Faculty Leaders: Dr. Bridget Calhoun ( and Dr. Greg Frazer ( Students and faculty will visit hospitals, ambulatory clinics and public health facilities in order to gain first-hand experience of varied health care systems.

Global and International Educational Studies in Namibia July 6-August 3, 2009
Faculty Leader: Dr. Rodney Hopson ( This course gives students an introduction to educational issues that beset an emerging democracy like Namibia and placing students into service learning/internship placements to contribute and to learn first-hand about the challenges and issues in Namibia.


Asian Study Tour: International Management Practice – Japan and China May 10-31, 2009 Faculty Leader: Dr. Matt Drake ( Students will study and visit the two major economies of Asia. The study trip will focus on the cultural context in which business is conducted.

Environmental Science Experience in China August 3-18, 2009 Faculty Leaders: Edward Schroth and Graig Marx (Dr. Stan Kabala Students will learn about environmental issues in China’s history and development, as well as gain first-hand experience of the rapidly changing contemporary Chinese approach to the environment.


Nursing and Healthcare in Nicaragua February 18-March 8, 2009 (Spring Break)
Faculty Leader: Leah Vota Cunningham ( This transcultural nursing experience offers students an opportunity to study and experience the health care system in a developing country.

Transcultural Care and Global Health Perspectives in Mexico June 11-20, 2009
Faculty Leader: Dr. Rick Zoucha ( Graduate students will explore the need to design health care systems that are responsive to diverse cultural needs.


Eastern Europe: Study Program in Krakow, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; River Rhine cruise from Strasbourg, France to Amsterdam, Netherlands May 11-30, 2009
Faculty Leaders: Dr. Charles Wilf ( and Dr. Trevor Jones ( Students in this history course will study the transition of these communist political and economic systems during the last couple of decades as well as the impact these changes had on individuals in these societies.

France, Germany and the Netherlands: Journalism and Multimedia Arts May, 2009 Faculty Leader: Dr. Maggi Patterson ( This course and study trip focuses on international mass communication and media.

Ireland: Social and Public Policy Issues in Ireland June 14-July 2, 2009
Faculty Leader: Dr. Joseph Yenerall ( Students will explore issues central to health care, education and environmental policy issues in Ireland.

Italy: Pharmacy in Perugia, Italy June 1-16, 2009
Faculty Leaders: Dr. Doug Bricker ( and Dr. Vince Giannetti ( Students will explore pharmacy operations and pharmacy education with a partner pharmacy school in Perugia, Italy. Students will also have the opportunity to visit Rome, Florence and Venice.

Italy: Sing in Tuscania, Italy May 24-June 11, 2009
Faculty Leader: Dr. Guechev ( Students interested in studying voice will have a chance to study in a Tuscan town, explore the culture and cuisine, and visit Rome and the Vatican.

Spain: Spanish Cultural and Language Experience in Salamanca, Spain, June 26 – August 7, 2009
Faculty Leader: Dr. Gregorio Martin. Students have the opportunity to advance their Spanish language skills through immersion in a complete Spanish environment. (Dr. Edith Krause,