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Summer 2011 Short-term Study Abroad Programs

Short-Term, Faculty-Led Summer 2011 Study Abroad Programs

Consider joining one of these exciting summer study abroad courses.  Some of these Short-Term Study Abroad courses still have spaces available:

Contact the faculty leaders directly to find out more:


Doing Business in China, May 8-June 6, 2011

Led by Dr. Matt Drake and Dr. Matt Ryan
(Palumbo School of Business)

International Communicable Disease Control and Healthcare Delivery in China,
May 10-31, 2011

Led by Dr. Gregory Frazer, Dr. Yang Chen , and Dr. Peg Houglum
(Rangos School of Health Sciences)

International Pharmacy Services – Japan, May 27-June 11, 2011

Led by Dr. Vincent Giannetti
(Mylan School of Pharmacy)

Exploring the Environment of China, August 2-18, 2011

Led by Dr. Edward F. Schroth and Dr. Graig Marx
(Environmental Studies Department,  Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences)


Origins and Development of Corporate and Integrated Marketing Communication in Scotland and England, May 7-22, 2011.

Led by Dr. Alyssa Groom and Dr. Ronald Arnett
(Communication and Rhetorical Studies, McAnulty College of Liberal Arts)

International Media:  The Balkans (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia), May 9-23, 2011

Led by Dr. Charlie Gee  and Dr. Mike Dillon
(Journalism, and Multi-Media Arts, McAnulty College of Liberal Arts)

Duquesne University Lirica Roma (Rome, Italy), May 14-31, 2011

Led by Dr. Guenko Guechev
(Mary Pappert School of Music)

International Pharmacy Services – Italy, May 26-June 10, 2011

Led by Dr. Douglas Bricker and Dr. John Lech
(Mylan School of Pharmacy)

Social and Public Policy Issues in Ireland, June 14-July 2, 20ll

Led by Dr. Joseph D. Yenerall
(Social & Public Policy, McAnulty College of Liberal Arts)

Summer Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain, June 23-July 29, 2011

Led by Dr. Gregorio Martín 
(Dept. of Modern Languages, McAnulty College of Liberal Arts)

Transcultural Care and Global Health Perspectives in Rome, Italy, June 25-July 2, 2011

Led by Dr. Rick Zoucha  and Dr. Alison Colbert
(School of Nursing)