Summer Programs 2012

Short-Term, Faculty-Led Summer 2012 Study Abroad Programs

Consider joining one of these exciting summer study abroad courses.  Some of these Short-Term Study Abroad courses still have spaces available:


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International Communicable Disease Control and Healthcare Delivery - Tanzania and Tunisia; May 18 – June 9, 2010

Faculty Leaders:  Dr. Bridget Calhoun ( and Dr. Greg Frazer (

Students and faculty will visit hospitals, ambulatory clinics and public health facilities in order to gain first-hand experience of varied health care systems.




Study Tour of Asia (Business) – China and Japan; May 10-30, 2010 

Faculty Leader:  Jennifer Nightingale (  

Students will study and visit the two major economies of Asia. The study trip will focus on the cultural context in which business is conducted. 

Business Short-Term Programs


International Pharmacy Services – Japan; May 28-June 10, 2010

Faculty Leaders:  Khalid Kamal ( and J. Douglas Bricker (

Students will explore pharmacy and general health-care issues of Japan and attend on-site visits to pharmacy operations and academic institutions.




Nursing in Nicaragua; February 26-March 7, 2010 (Spring Break)

Faculty Leader:  Leah Vota Cunningham (

This transcultural nursing experience offers students an opportunity to study and experience the health care system in a developing country.  Students will work with assigned families doing assessments of needs and will also work in one of several clinics.


Transcultural Care and Global Health Perspectives – Mexico; June 3-11, 2010

Faculty Leaders:  Dr. Rick Zoucha ( and Dr. Alison Colbert

Students will explore the impact of globalization on health care and health care planning, and the need to design health care systems that are responsive to diverse cultural needs. 




Business Environment in Europe – Ireland, Hungary, and Austria; May 10-27, 2010

Faculty Leaders:  Dr. Matt Drake ( and Dr. Pavel Yakovlev (

Students in this course will be provided with an in-depth exposure to cultural, business and academic aspects of these countries.

Business Short-Term Programs


Journalism and Multimedia Arts, International Media – Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp; May 10-25, 2010

Faculty Leader:  Dr. Michael Dillon (

This course and study trip focuses on international mass communication and media by visiting media sites (newspaper and magazine offices, advertising agencies, public relations offices, television stations, etc.  in four European cities.


Restorative Justice Policy – Ireland; July 12-30, 2010 

Faculty Leaders:  Normal Conti ( and Deanna Fracul

Students will address various aspects of the criminal justice system in Ireland in order to determine what is succeeding and what is not. 


Origins and Development of Corporate and Integrated Marketing Communication – Scotland and England; May 9-23, 2010

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Ronald Arnett ( and Dr. Alyssa Groom (

Students will focus on the Scottish Enlightenment and its international influence on the theory and practice of corporate and integrated marketing communication.


International Pharmacy Services – Italy; June 3-16, 2010

Faculty Leaders:  Dr. Douglas Bricker ( and Dr. Bruce Livengood

Students will explore pharmacy and general health-care issues of Italy.


Spanish Cultural Experience - Salamanca, Spain; June 27 – August 6, 2010

Faculty Leader:  Dr. Gregorio Martin (

Students have the opportunity to advance their Spanish language skills through immersion in a complete Spanish environment.




Field Production – Northeastern Canada, New Foundland, Nova Scotia; June 23-July 23, 2010

Faculty Leader: James Vota (

Students will incorporate methodologies in journalism, public relations and advertising, photography, and videography.